For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685
For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685
For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685

Stop Oral Contraceptive Pill to get rid of your Melasma

" I feel that after taking oral contraceptive pills and I develop more Melasma

 or " since taking the pills and feeling more Melasma


If anyone has watched the clip of Melasma EP.1, #DrAwais has mentioned on #Hormone that is one of the causes of Melasma.


Yes, Birth control pill or oral contraceptive pill composes of the hormone as well. They are also the cause of #MELASMA.


As you may notice that in #WOMEN have more prone to have more MELASMA than in #MEN. So it must be related to female hormones. >>> and the contraceptive pill consists of female hormones.


So it's possible that taking the oral contraceptive pill is relevant to cause #Melasma.


For those who are taking the oral contraceptive pill for some specific reason such as for treating acne or for birth control and you feel that it causes more hyperpigmentation on the face.


Please do not stop it by yourself, we recommend you to consult with #Dermatologist whether which brand of oral contraceptive pill has the least effect on hyperpigmentation.


Hope this post is useful for our beloved clients.


Best Regards

Dr. M. Awais Arif

MBBS, Dip in Derm (Thai-Japan)

Fellowship in Dermatosurgery and Laser Surgery

Diplomate American Board of Laser Surgery (USA)


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