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For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685
For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685

How to take care of your skin After 30s ?

" Dr Awais, How do I take care of the skin after the age of 30s?"

Whenever anyone turns 30s, the things are not the same. Because our body has changed including our immunity, fat burning system, skin repairing system etc due to aging process >< . These are the reasons that why we have to try harder comparing to when we were young.


Frankly, taking care of the body from "inside" " is very important.

+ Sleeping

that we are supposed to sleep faster and deeper. We may need the help from aromatherapy to have a better sleep. Because better sleep helps our skin to restore from the growth hormone that creating during our sleeping time.

+ Exercising

We should exercise regularly so that the bloodstream can bring the essential nutrition to every single cell.

+ Food & Water

When we are getting older, we are not supposed to eat as when we were young. We need to select the healthier plus reduce the sugar thing to prevent facial wrinkles. And drink more water because the water makes our skin glowing.

+ Cosmetics and Skincare

We need to focus on Cosmetic and Skincare that gives moisturizing effect. Because if the moisture is not enough, the skin is dry and increase the number of wrinkles... so before going to buy any expensive serums, pay more attention to the moisture first. We recommend the skin care ingredients that are components of Retinol Or Vitamin C. It will be antioxidants and reduce wrinkles.

+ Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen is "the must" in any age. We recommend using Sunscreen SPF 50 PA +++.

+ Skin Treatment/ Laser / Botox /Facial

They do help very much...but you need to have a bit of investment in your skin. :P

These are the ways to take care of your skin after 30s

We hope you like it.

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