For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685
For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685
For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685

Hormonal Acne: How to treat?

Today #Dr.Awais will share the knowledge of how to get rid of Hormonal Acne.
How will you know that you have Acne with or without hormonal related issue?
The person with Hormonal Acne is usually covering these symptoms
- you are a lady age between 20-40 years
- you have oily skin
- you have acne on the face (predominantly on lower part of the face, jawline, hairline and neck)
- you have abnormal menstruation cycle or gynecology related problem (such as PCOS)
- you feel that you have Excessive Hair Growth that the usual girl
- you have been treated Acne with regular regimen for more than 4 months and it seems no effect on you.
If you have above mentioned symptoms, maybe you have Hormonal Acne!!
How to treat Hormonal Acne?
Here is the recommendation for getting rid of Hormonal Acne from your face
Dr.Awais suggests anyone who has the above mentioned symptoms to
1) Go and Consult with Dermatologist and Gynecologist (Because you will need to take oral medication to subside the acne as well as hormonal level)
2) Use mild face wash and non-comedogenic skin care,
3) Clean every area of the face especially Jawline, hair line and lower face.
4) Wash your face immediately after arriving home or after exercise
5) Even though you do not wear any makeup, you still need to use Makeup Remover regularly to prevent new comedone formation.
6) Avoid using some types of Hair shampoo, conditioner and Hair Styling products
7) Make sure that you wash your hair at least 3 times a week because the dirty hair can cause the acne.
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