For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685
For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685
For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685

Botox Injection, When can I see its effect ?

#FAQ Most Frequent Asked Question is

" Doctor... After we inject BOTOX, will it show the effect immediately?? "


.... So Let's see the word... "Effect"

because "the effect" from patient and "the effect" from doctor may not be the same!!


-"Effect" from Patient's idea 

Wrinkles fade away...immediately after Doctor finishing Botox injection procedure. No it is wrong understanding XXXX

-"Effect" from Doctor's side 

Botox or Botulinum toxin affects directly and immediately towards the neurotransmitters of the injected muscles in order to paralyze those muscles.


 However, injected muscle will not immediately paralyze


But But But.....the process has started from here!

After Botulinum toxin injection for 7-14 days

You will start to see the change

The muscle will partially paralyze and will not contract

Because BOTOX affects the injected muscle so they

are not be able to contract as before.

-->This is how Botox Works!


In 4 weeks, you will see the maximum results and the effect of Botox can last for 4-6 months depend upon individuals and then it will return back to the normal condition.


Botox injection can help in Anti-Aging by

preventing the development of Static Lines on your face.

Read about Static Lines vs Dynamic Lines>>


Side Effects from Botox injection are Drooping Eyelids, Masked Face and Facial Asymmetry

Therefore, it is necessary to have Botulinum toxin injection only by Expert Skin Specialists / Dermatologists.


Dr. M. Awais Arif

Aesthetic Dermatologist

Diplomate American Board of Laser Surgery, USA

Fellowship in Dermatosurgery and Laser Surgery

Diploma in Dermatology (Thai-Japan)

Member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

CEO of BEROF Skincare.


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