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For Appointments : 0331-4423295, 042-35970685

12 common myths about skin by Dr Awais

Skin World by #DrAwais

"12 common myths about skin"

Let's check !!

1. No need to apply moisturizer for Oily skin 

= This is completely WRONG believe! Moisture and Sebum ( facial's oil) are different. Oily skin also needs to nourishing with moisturizer, so that our body will not secret the facial's sebum into substitute the moisture on the face. By the way, #DrAwais recommend to use Oil Free/Less Oil content moisturizer for oily skin ^___^


2. There are many types of topical acne creams, can we combine using them?

= #DrAwais says that if they are in different types, you can combine them. In order to use any acne creams, you should consult Dermatologist about step of using, which one should apply first, whether your skin is able to use or not. It should be under Dermatologist's control. He will guide you that which acne creams you should have and How to apply it on your skin, which one first, which one that it is practical to your daily life^^

#YourAcneIsNotSameASyourfriendsAcne #ItsIndividual #EveryAcneforitself

3. SunBlock or Sunscreen is more important than Whitening cream or Anti-Aging cream.

= If you have a budget for a single skincare product, we recommend you to invest in buying SUNSCREEN

If you are still young you may not understand and find that it is not necessary. But Believe me!! when you get older, you will find that Sunscreen really helps you. These days we have many good quality sunscreen which is not sticky at all!!


There are so many inboxes about Acne spots/Dark Spots everyday about which topical creams that they should apply on the dark spots...but very few people asking about sunscreen. However, Did you know ?? that if Acne Dark Spots expose to the sun/heat it will be darker!! Therefore, #DrAwais recommend to also use sunscreen as well.


4. Whichever creams that your friends or Bloggers or Actors or Actresses say that they are very good to use. It does not mean that it is suitable for your skin. Your skin, You need to try by itself. But we suggests you to consult your dermatologist before changing any creams even something organic, natural or whatever!!


5. If you are allergy to any creams, it does not mean that those creams are not good #Cream's allergy is something that is individual. You should figure out that you are allergy or just simple irritation. If you cannot figure it out or do not know about this...Why not consulting with #DrAwais #Dermatologist??


6. Organic or natural creams can not be guarantee of the safety especially it cannot be guarantee that you will not allergy to it or it is good for your skin. At MySkin Clinic, we have met so many patients that use organic/natural creams and turn out to be severe acne or allergy. Therefore do not think by yourself that natural thing is good for your skin. May be you can get allergy to them who knows?!


7. Soap can only help to clean the skin. If any company mentions that their soap contains whitening substances can brighten the skin, they are fraud. It is impossible!!


8.Great Skin comes from inside, and you need to have your self-care Disciplinary. Because your skin is one of the body organs. it needs time to recover as other organ. Therefore, if you treat Acne, Melasma, Freckles or Pigmentation it needs TIME. It is impossible to be treated for only one week or one month!! IT NEEDS TIME !

9. Consult your Dermatologist is the best way to care and treat your skin because Dermatologist can notice your skin problem very clearly and be able to treat it expertly.

So, do not be afraid to consult with Dermatologist!!


10. Free Thing is never exist!! Best thing comes with the price!! So, what to do, what to buy kindly select it carefully. Do not believe in all in one cream that can help every skin problem!! It does not exist!!


11. Botox and Fillers are different substances. Doctor uses in different scenario and it should be use by Doctor only. These days, there are so many fake products SO PLEASE CHECK IT CAREFULLY!!


12. Vitamin C (Ampule for injection) is not recommend to apply on the face!! < #DrAwais is now writing about this, he will share it later>




Dr. M. Awais Arif

Aesthetics Dermatologist

MySkin Aesthetics & Laser Center Lahore


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